A Widget for All Your Problems

Whether you need a last minute widget for a client emergency, your boss is demanding the newest and best widget, or your investors are looking for an uptick in widget related profits... We Have a Widget to Solve That.

We've Got a Widget for That

  • Business Widgets

    Business Widget Suite™

    Show off those services and benefits and wow your customers with LWidgets custom Business Widget Suite™

  • Personal Widgets

    Personal Widget System™

    Show your boss you mean business by enhancing your workflow and processes with LWidgets Personal Widget System™

  • Investment Widgets

    Investment Widget Solutions®

    Profits not heading the right way? Investors breathing down your neck? That's a thing of the past with Investment Widget Solutions®

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Join the Thousands of Successful Customers

Started by L.Ron Widget in 2000, lwidget started in responce to the dot-com bust. With no widgets to be found anywhere, the market was ripe for the picking and LRW filled that need. Now, we've deployed more than one million widgets across every possible market... and we're aiming for one billion by the end of 2025.

That's why, when our customers come to us, we can say... We Have a Widget to Solve That!


Widget Glossary

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For any problem, there's a Widget to solve it. Whether you're trying to impress your clients, your boss, or your shareholders... Our Widgets Solve It.

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